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Workplex has implemented a COVID-19 Safe Plan for all staff and members to comply with whilst using the Workplex facility until further notice.  This Plan may be updated according to government advice. 

Keeping staff and members informed:


  1. Workplex will closely monitor the advice given by the World Health Organisation,[1] WorkSafe Victoria,[2] SafeWork Australia,[3]  Business Victoria[4] and Department of Health and Human Services[5] and adapt our practices to ensure we are complaint with all government regulations.  

  2. Workplex will maintain regular and proactive communication with members and staff so that everyone using the facility is aware of what we are doing to create a COVID safe environment.




  1. Hand sanitiser stations have been placed at both entrances, in each meeting room, kitchen, reception and sitting areas.

  2. Hygiene protocol posters have been placed around the facility to remind members that they must adhere to these measures to keep everyone safe.

  3. Masks must continue to be worn at all times whilst using the Workplex facility, including in the rear carpark and front downstairs foyer.  Anyone without a mask will be refused entry into the building.

  4. Hand sanitiser, face masks and gloves are available for purchase. 




  1. Experienced professional commercial cleaners have been employed and are adhering to a detailed list of regular cleaning instructions.

  2. Regular cleaning of the entire facility has been increased, including offices and front foyer.

  3. Soap, hand sanitiser and paper towels are placed at all sinks.

  4. Members are responsible for cleaning up their own dishes and cutlery and everything must be put through the dishwasher – no handwashing.

  5. Members may also bring in their own cutlery, crockery and glassware for personal use.

  6. Cleaning protocol posters around the facility have been placed to remind members that they must adhere to these measures to keep everyone safe.


Social distancing:


  1. All members and staff are asked to remain at least 1.5 metres apart at all times, including when in their dedicated private workspace.  Only 1 person per 4 metre square is permitted and signs have been placed around the facility to remind members and staff of this requirement.

  2. If further space is required to remain compliant with social distancing rules please contact Workplex for assistance.

  3. Any new members will be fully vetted before signing up.

  4. We ask all members to only use their allocated desk and chair.

  5. Seating in the coworking space and meeting rooms have been adjusted to comply with social distancing rules.  Signs have been placed in these spaces to remind members about social distancing.




  1. All non-members must sign a COVID Registry at reception before entering the facility. 

  2. No events with external speakers or large gatherings may be planned until further notice in accordance with government advice.


Staying home:


  1. We kindly ask our members to stay home if they are feeling unwell or suspect they have been exposed to someone who is ill.  They should then get tested for COVID-19 and wait at home until they receive the results.  Please advise Workplex staff if you are unwell and have been tested.

Actions to be taken if a Workplex member or staff contracts COVID-19:


  1. In the event that a member of your team becomes infected with COVID-19, it’s crucial that Workplex follows strict protocol to stop the infection spreading to other members.

  2. Please contact Workplex staff via email or telephone immediately to advise of their positive COVID-19 result.

  3. Workplex will then advise all staff and members that there has been a positive result.

  4. Deep cleaning of the entire facility will be performed immediately and the facility will be closed until further notice (pursuant to management’s discretion and government’s advice).

  5. Any members or staff who have come in contact with the confirmed case will be required to work from home and self-isolate based on government advice.

  6. Workplex staff or members who have complied with self-isolation after having tested positive for COVID-19 may return to the Workplex facility once they have fully recovered and have met the criteria for clearance from isolation.  This criteria will be determined by the public health authority or the employee’s treating medical clinician.  The staff or member must provide a medical certificate that confirms they are no longer contagious and can recommence working on-site.


This plan is current until Stage 4 restrictions cease.







 Workplex is a family owned and operated, boutique coworking facility located in downtown Carnegie Melbourne. Our fully serviced facility has private offices, shared offices, dedicated desks and occasional meeting room hire.   With 24/7 access, super fast WiFi and all outgoings covered, you will feel right at home in our welcoming Workplex community. 

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