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Social Events

At Workplex we cater for all types of personalities, so if you are the social type, we hosts a number of social events and activities for members such as regular coffee chats, Happy Hour at the Rosstown Hotel, Book Club, Film Club, Podcast of the week and Fitness and Health Club. If socialising is not your thing, you might opt to have a brief chat around the coffee machine and head back to the privacy of your own office, or to one of our quiet spaces. Please contacts us for further information about our social activites.


Fitness and Health Club

Now that we can finally enjoy our freedom again after COVID, some of us have been left with a little more of ourselves then we'd like. If you fall into this category and want to shed your "Iso-Weight" or perhaps you just get a kick out of fitness and want to achieve a balance between fitness and work life, then Workplex's Fitness and Health Club might be just for you. 

At Workplex we promote health and fitness such as providing exclusive discounts to our local Goodlife Gym, offering bike riding groups, running groups and hiking/walking groups.  

We also arrange for a nutritionist and a massage therapist to attend the facility on a regular basis for members to have health checks, ergonomic set-up checks and even neck and shoulder massages while they work! 


Professional Development

Not everything in life needs to be learnt the hard way, especially in business, and that is why every month Workplex arranges a free professional development workshop, seminar or presentation.  If you are interested in attending or presenting please let us know.  Non-members are also welcome to attend pursuant to availability. 

Start-up businesses will also have the opportunity to present their business plan to business mentors and other members for suggestions, tips and motivation.

Contact us for information about our events
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